Terror of the Deeps

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Basic Leader Ability
Prerequisite: Great Beast
Forbids: None
Ability Points: 2

Description: The strange thing arched its serpentine body to bring its head closer to the bear, all of its many eyes staring straight at him with alien curiosity. The thing looked at the bear. The bear looked at the thing.
“Oh well,” said the bear. “Made a plan. Better stick to it, I suppose.” And with that, mallet in paw, he leapt from the boat. ―Dave Shelton

  • This hero’s movement is no longer blocked by water hexes. She may move through and remain in a water hex without penalty.
  • This hero may choose to be invisible when in a water hex. If the hero leaves the water hex, she is no longer considered invisible.
  • If this hero chooses to be invisible in a water hex, their vision is limited to two hexes.
  • Underwater units are revealed by a Divination or Scry spell.
  • While underwater, units are immune to Indirect Combat, with the exception of Lightning. Lightning deals full damage to Heroes with this ability, instead of it’s reduced amount.


Terror of the Deeps

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