Grisly Trophies

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Basic Leader Ability
Prerequisite: Legendary Warrior
Forbids: None
Ability Points: 1

Description: “We have never understood why men mount the heads of animals and hang them up to look down on their conquerors. Possibly it feels good to these men to be superior to animals, but it does seem that if they were sure of it they would not have to prove it. Often a man who is afraid must constantly demonstrate his courage and, in the case of the hunter, must keep a tangible record of his courage.”
― John Steinbeck

  • Anytime this hero kills another hero; he permanently gains a +1 to his attack and defense.

Q: Does this stack if I kill multiple heroes?
A: Yes.

Q: If I level from defeating a hero, can I pick this ability to gain the bonus?
A: No.

Grisly Trophies

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