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Basic Hero Classification
Prerequisite: None
Forbids: Nobility
Ability Points: 1

Description: Want to know the best part of being a warlord? I always get what I want. ―Elizabeth Vaughan

  • Any army stacked with this hero has free upkeep.
  • Whenever an enemy unit is defeated by this hero’s side in battle while within this hero’s aura, this hero receives 1d3 resources.
  • Grants a purse size: 5.
  • Grants an aura size: 2.


Q: If I take Warlord, I can never take Nobility?
A: Correct.

Q: Warlord precludes Nobility as an ability. Does it also preclude Wizard? (And all other combinations?)
A: No. Unless an ability explicitly precludes another, you are free to combine as you like.


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