Capital City

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Advanced Hero Ability
Prerequisite: Royalty
Forbids: None
Ability Points: 1

Description: We build too many walls, and not enough bridges. ― Issac Newton

  • A hero with this ability may declare a Stronghold they currently occupy to be a capital city, extending the size by one hex, and constructing a Castle in that hex. Once chosen, the hero may not declare another stronghold their capital as long as the castle produced by this ability still exists; even if it is now in enemy hands.
  • If the hero with this ability is lost, or if the ability itself is lost, the castle is lost as well.


Q: What is the benefit of this ability?
A: See Castle for the benefits of having a Castle in a city.

Q: Is there a limit on what type of hex I can built a castle on?
A: No.

Capital City

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