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Players orders are executed simultaneously, split into distinct phases. The phases happen in the following order.

Orders: Players give an order to each of their units and strongholds.

Determine Alliance Status:

Disband: Units ordered to disband disband in this phase. Units ordered to disband have a 50% chance of becoming Bandits

Upkeep: Each unit incurs a 1 resource charge. This can be mitigated via Nobility and Warlord.

Commission: All actions that consume resources consume resources in this phase.

Superior Arms

Determine Aura Targets:


Predatation Movement:


Determine Aura Targets:


Natural Healing:

New Units: Newly created units appear on the game board in this phase.

Bandit Spawning:

Natural Income:


TactHex: The Tacthexing Ananvil Ananvil